Driver Articles

Why Drivers Are Important

What are device drivers and why do you have to worry about them? If you just purchased a printer, camera or even a new video card, you need device drivers. You cannot often take these items out of the box, slide them into your computer and assume that they will work. In some instances, these devices may work like this, however they may also have problems, including glitches. This can be quite frustrating for anyone that just wants to start using what they purchased. The fact is, you need to download device drivers to your computer to work between your new hardware and the computer itself.

What Are They

A device driver is a set of instructions. The driver tells your computer what to do with the hardware you are installing in it. For example, you may have a new printer. Your computer does not have information installed in it to handle all types of printers, since every printer is slightly different. Therefore, it needs something to tell it what to do. Device drivers are created by the manufacturers of the hardware (in this case the printer manufacturer) and provide very specific instructions on how to use the device.

Just about all computer devices require the use of device drivers. They tell the computer what the device is and how to use it. This includes both internal and external devices.

Installing Drivers

The good news is that it is usually fairly easy for you to download device drivers to your computer so that you can start using the device. Most of the time, device drivers are sent with the manufacturer of the device to you when you purchase the device. This is often done in the form of a CD ROM. All you need to do is to insert the CD and follow the directions provided to you. The driver will be automatically loaded onto your computer.

Repairing Drivers

Device drivers are a form of software. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that these drivers may in fact become corrupt or they may not work properly over time. The good news is that you can often reinstall the device driver to fix the problem. If you need to do this, try to use the same installation disk you used rather than investing in a third party to have the driver you need.

If you cannot find the device driver you need from the installation disk, or you do not have a disk, you can visit the manufacturer's website, as well as a number of third party websites, to obtain the driver. It is important to have the right driver, so look for them based on the manufacturer and model number.

You do need device drivers to operate many of the software and hardware that is installed on your computer. They provide a fundamental resource for your computer in telling your computer what to do with the device. Device drivers do not have to be difficult to find or use, if you know where to look.