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How To Find Drivers For Windows Vista

Locating device drivers for Windows Vista systems can be a bit more difficult than most realize. This system is still rather new (though Windows 7 is already out) and it is also one of the more complex operating systems today. With those factors, and the fact that many people are not sure how to locate any type of driver, it is best to turn to reliable resources. The good news is that this may be easier than you think to do.

The first thing to do is to turn to the Windows Update resource on your computer. This resource is installed in all versions of Windows Vista and in most cases will handle most of the work for you. In fact, Windows Update has more than 31,000 device drivers already readily available to them. In virtually all cases, the device driver that you need will be located here. That is a good thing since finding them otherwise is more challenging.

The best way to have all of your Windows Vista device drivers updated is to allow the system to upgrade and update as these drivers become available. This reduces the chances that you will need to search through thousands of device drivers to find the one you need, too. The good news is that when you set up the system to update as you would like it to, you will have fewer problems in the long term both with the drivers and with the search for new ones.

How To Set Up Automatic Installation

In order to set up automatic installation of updates to device drivers, follow the following steps.

In some situations, you will need to have the administrator password for your system.

Searching For Drivers

In some situations, you may be looking for a specific device driver when you visit the Windows Update section. You may find these are the drivers that are marked as "optional" in the system. Unless you check the checkbox to download these optional device drivers, they will not automatically download, even when the system is set up to update automatically. Every once in a while, you should visit the Windows Update section and determine if these are device drivers that you want to have available to you. To do this, follow the steps located above to get to the Windows Update section. Then, select "check for updates" and then "view available updates." You can then add any that you would like to download.

Device drivers for Windows Vista may also be available through third party resources, if you have trouble downloading them this way.