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Computer Manufacturers

HP Support & Drivers
As one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, HP Hewlett Packard obviously has a large repository of drivers for all of the devices they've manufactured over the years. Their support site is very user friendly, and you can search for HP drivers by your hardware model.

Dell Driver Downloads
Dell has a really innovative process for locating drivers. When you arrive on their site, you can select from 3 methods of finding drivers: Entering a Service Tag, Selecting Model, or by logging in to your personal account and selecting from a list. Any method you use takes you to the Dell driver you're looking for in a painless process.

Gateway Drivers and Firmware Updates
Gateway's software and support site is very comprehensive. They offer a drop-down menu selection process that seems to be very accurate. Almost all of the driver downloads from Gateway are in EXE executable format so you must have some computer knowledge to know how to install these Gateway driver packages.

Asus Drivers & Support
As one the top PC manufacturers, Asus maintains a repository of the latest drivers designed specifically for their PC models. Their site is straightforward and easy to find what you are looking for.

Sony eSupport
Sony's driver download resource is a little "hit or miss". Their search function on the left-hand side is very confusing and doesn't seem to work correctly. Luckily, they also allow you to narrow down by hardware model, which works well and gets you to the Sony drivers that you need. One other neat feature of Sony's site is the ability to order a physical CD with the latest drivers.

eMachines Drivers
eMachines is known for their cost-efficient PCs and is a subsidiary of parent company and PC manufacturer Gateway. Their driver selection process is very easy and straightforward. You select your model of device from a "sliding" menu, which will take you to the eMachines drivers you're looking for.

Toshiba Drivers
Toshiba offers a very easy to use driver search system. With it's huge line of popular laptops and other devices, they have a large database of available drivers. You should have no problem finding the Toshiba drivers you are looking for.

Samsung Drivers
Another massive hardware device and computer manufacturer, Samsung offers a very easy to use driver search interface. You should have no problems searching for and locations the right Samsung drivers.

Panasonic Support & Drivers
Panasonic's products are ubiquitous around the world, especially their camera and computer products. Their driver download resource is very simple and easy to use like other major manufacturers. Just search for your hardware device model and you are ready to go.

Audio & Video Devices

NVIDIA Driver Downloads
NVIDIA video cards are some of the most popular in the world. The GeForce and Quadro models are very popular and have boosted NVIDIA to one of the largest component manufacturers in the world. Their search function is pretty simple and straightforward - you select from pulldown menus to narrow your selection until you find your hardware model and NVIDIA drivers.

Realtek Drivers
Realtek, one of the largest IC producers in the world, has a web site that could use some work. Their driver / codec download area is very confusing, and difficult to navigate and find drivers. But, if you are persistent, you will find the Realtek drivers you are seeking.

Matrox Drivers
Matrox is one of the leading manufacturers of video cards, aimed at the professional graphic design market. They offer an easy-to-navigate driver search area to locate your Matrox drivers quickly.

Diamond Multimedia Drivers
Diamond Multimedia, the manufacturer of ATI products, has a very comprehensive driver download resource. Like other well-designed manufacturer sites, you have the option of searching directly for your model, or you can select from drop-downs.

Viewsonic Drivers
Viewsonic offers some of the best monitors in the world. In order for these Viewsonic monitors to perform to their optimum performance levels, you need to maintain the latest drivers for your system. Their site makes it very easy to search directly for the model of Viewsonic drivers you are seeking.

M-Audio Drivers
M-Audio is one of the leading audio equipment manufacturers. Their professional-level equipment requires on talking to computer systems. As a result, they've developed a very good driver download site for their customers.

DirectX Plug-in
Although not technically a driver, DirectX is a Microsoft plug-in designed for game designers to get the most out of the user's graphic cards. It's always a good idea to have the latest version on your computer to prevent driver conflicts.

C-Media Drivers
This Taiwanese company provides audio devices for the top PC manufacturers. As a consequence, their hardware is ubiquitous among computer brands. This link takes you directly to their full list of CMedia drivers.

Creative Labs Drivers
Creative Labs creates many different sound and video related devices for PCs. Their support site starts with you selecting the type of device you need drivers for, and then walks you through the process of finding the right Creative drivers.

Chipset Providers

Intel Download Center
As the leading PC chip manufacturer in the world, it seems like almost everyone has an Intel chip running their systems. As a consequence, Intel has a big responsibility to its customers to offer a top-tier driver resource. Like other well-formatted manufacturer sites, Intel's is easy to use. Search for your model or select from drop-downs to find your Intel drivers quickly.

AMD - Advanced Micro Devices - Drivers and Downloads acquired ATI
ATI, one of the leading video card manufacturers, was acquired by mega-chip manufacturer AMD. Consequently, they've moved all of their driver and software updates over to the AMD web site. Like other manufacturers, their driver search function is pretty easy to use. You can either search for model or select from drop-downs to find ATI / AMD drivers.

VIA Drivers
VIA manufacturers motherboard or "processing platforms" for computers to run on. Consequently, you need to have drivers to allow the motherboard to talk to the rest of the components hooked up to your system. VIA's driver download resource is easy and straightforward to use.

Imaging Devices

Canon Driver & Downloads
Using digital cameras with PCs requires you to have the latest drivers so that Windows can talk to your camera. Canon is well-known for their digital cameras, printers, and camcorders. Their driver site can be a bit confusing to the novice PC user because you are downloading an EXE or "executable file" in many cases. Also, we did some test searches and found many of the Canon drivers for their camera to be missing.

Brother Printer Drivers
Brother is one of the largest printing equipment manufacturers in the world. They separate their driver download resources by country. When you visit their page, you must narrow by region before searching for your individual hardware product.

Lexmark is a leading manufacturer of printers and other imaging devices for both the B2B and B2C markets. Their driver download site is fairly simple to understand and use - you just put in your printer model and search for it.

OKI Data Driver Downloads
OKI Data produces imaging products such as printers and copiers. They have a very simple driver search process, although their site response is a bit slow and sluggish. As long as you have patience, you should be able to find the driver you are looking for.

Storage Devices

Seagate Drivers
Seagate is one of the top producers of storage devices to both OEM and aftermarket channels. Their support site is straightforward and easy to find drivers - just click on the "Downloads" link and follow the screen instructions to locate the right Seagate driver.

Western Digital WD Drivers
Western Digital is a major manufacturer of hard disk storage devices for both the OEM and aftermarket. They provide a straightforward, easy to navigate support site that is user friendly.

SanDisk Driver Wizard
With the proliferation of solid-state memory devices, such as digital cameras, SanDisk has grown into one of the biggest memory suppliers in the world. They provide an easy-to-use Driver Wizards that takes you step-by-step through the process to find your SanDisk drivers.

Networking & Communications

Netgear Drivers
Netgear is one of the leading producers of wireless routers in the industry, and consequently, they provide a very comprehensive driver resource.

Linksys Drivers
Linksys was recently acquired by Cisco Systems, and as a result, their customer support has been stepped-up to world-class standards. You'll notice how easy it is to follow their directions to finding the correct Linksys drivers for your equipment.

D-Link Support / Drivers
D-Link produces quality wireless routers that are very common in consumer households. Their driver support site makes it pretty simple to find and locate the matching D-Link drivers for your router.

Belkin Drivers
Belkin produces a wide-range of network adapters and wireless routers geared toward the home user. Their support site is graphical and very easy to navigate.

Broadcom Driver Downloads
Broadcom manufacturers NIC network interface cards and ethernet controllers that allow your computer to get on the Internet. Most internet/cable companies use Broadcom technology in one form or another, so it's likely that you will need to access the Broadcom driver resource.

Sun / JDBC Drivers
JDBC is a database application programming interface API that allows uses to access data in relational databases. You need JDBC drivers in order to access some enterprise / corporate-level databases. Sun makes it easy to find the right JDBC drivers.

Peripheral Devices

Microsoft Download Center
Although most Microsoft-related drivers are downloaded automatically via service pack and software updates, there are still occasions where you will need to manually download Microsoft drivers. They manufacture some great keyboard and mouse products which need drivers to function to the full potential. Their Download Center is easy to search and use.

Logitech Drivers
Logitech, as the world's largest peripheral device manufacturer, provides an excellent resource for support and drivers. Their step-by-step process makes it very easy to locate the correct Logitech drivers.

Altec Lansing Support
Altec Lansing's known mainly for their high-performance line of computer speakers. Their support site is not the easiest to navigate, and they do not offer driver updates.

Independent Driver Sites

Known as an authority site on the Internet for individual driver downloads. Since 1997, they have compiled a massive list of drivers, firmware, documentation, and maintain a very active user forum.

Another huge, free driver download resource, WinDrivers provides access to millions of drivers, DLL files, reports on viruses, and much more. The only negative to using this site is that you must sign-up for a free membership in order to get access to all of their content.

C|Net Drivers Downloads
CNet's driver resource is certainly not the best choice when searching for drivers. Although they do have a large pool of drivers, the versions seem to be very old. Furthermore, they seem to concentrate on more "generic" versions of drivers, or those that will do the task, but not most efficiently for your system.

Softpedia Driver Downloads
Softpedia maintains one of the best driver download resources online. Like their other program downloads, you find drivers quickly and easily either searching directly for the device name, or by narrowing down options using their web navigation. Driver Repository
NoDevice maintains one of the largest driver databases on the Internet. It is very easy to use because you can search by manufacturer or device type and work your way through to the drivers you are seeking. Highly recommended.

USBman USB Drivers
With the proliferation of USB-related devices on the market, the need for a dedicated site for USB drivers is essential. USBman has a huge inventory of USB-related drivers for almost any USB application you have.

ModemSite Modem Drivers
Even though dial-up access is becoming antiquated, some of us still rely on our modems to gain access to the Internet. ModemSite maintains one of the most comprehensive resources for modem driver downloads online.

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