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How to Install Drivers

Installing device drivers is necessary in many instances. Unfortunately, for someone who does not have a lot of experience with these drivers, the task may sound somewhat overwhelming. The good news is that it does not have to be. In fact, if you are using Microsoft Windows, chances are good the process will be fast, efficient and even easy to understand!

First off, keep in mind that the method of installation is dependent on the type of device driver you are working with. Each type has its own particular needs and methods. In addition, each developer of the driver may have specifics on how they would like the driver to be downloaded and used.

Consider the following methods to installing device drivers, most commonly found.

CD And Discs: When it comes to Windows, almost all manufacturers of hardware and computer components will include a group of device drivers for each of these devices on a CD or other disc. However, remember this, too. Often times, the same CD will contain drivers for more than just one driver. For example, if you obtained a device driver for a printer on CD form, chances are good that CD also has drivers for numerous other printers. Therefore, it is critical to select only the driver right for the printer you have.

Downloading: In this day and age, it is easy to find what you need online. That goes for device drivers, too. Most of the drivers you need can be downloaded from the web. These are going to download in an executable file in most situations that will be compressed. You will need to uncompress the file and extract the information from it. This is all done by answering questions that are posed to you as the driver downloads. It is also helpful to note that when you are done downloading these files, you can delete them from your computer. They are not necessary files after you have installed the driver and just take up space.

Take the time to find the right device driver for the computer component that you are downloading. It is critical to have the exact information in place to ensure that you are actually downloading the right driver, since even small number differences can make problems rather than solutions.

The good news is that most manufacturers realize that people do not have extensive knowledge of how to use these drivers and therefore they make the process simple using on screen navigation screens. Even if you do know how to use these files, these on screen steps make the process simplistic. Simply follow the commands as directed.

Learning how to install drivers is a one time thing. Once you know how to do so, you will see that the process is easy and can be highly efficient. Keep in mind that as new media becomes available, the methods for installation may differ. Nearly all computer components you need device drivers for will come with specific directions on how to download these to your computer.