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Installing Your Video Card Driver

In most situations, your video card driver will be already installed into your computer system when you purchase it. However, there are several instances when you may need to change the device driver or even update it. In these situations, you will need to turn to the web or the resource provided by the manufacturer. Video card driver installations are not difficult, though it is critical that you select the right driver and install them properly if you hope to use the device.

Also, note that sometimes when the video card is not working properly, or error message are popping up on your screen, it may be due to a missing device driver or an improperly installed one. In most circumstances, you can update or download a new video card driver to fix the problem. If this does not work for you, contact a technician since there may be a problem with the video card itself.

Other instances when you may need to update or download a new video card driver include updates to software. If you have changed your operating system, this too is an instance when you will need to update your video card driver. New software you are downloading may also cause a need for an update in video card drivers. In some instances, you may be able to upgrade the device driver to take advantage of a new video format available to you.

If any of these situations arises, or you have a different reason for downloading the video driver, start by following your manufacturer's instructions. You can find these online if you do not have them, by going to the manufacturer's website, searching for your product number by the model number and then downloading them. This ensures the process is done properly.

Follow these steps to download a new video card driver to your computer.

These tips will help you to download most types of video card drivers. If you have problems doing so, contact the manufacturer directly.