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Installing Drivers in Windows 2000

There are many instances when you will need to install drivers for Windows 2000. If you have this operating system on your computer, chances are good that you will need to locate specific device drivers compatible with the Windows 2000 operating system. Some newer devices may not offer an option for Windows 2000, though some other versions that work for Windows XP and Vista may still work on these systems.

Regardless of what you need, the key is to know where to look for it and where to obtain it. Selecting the right product is essential since if you make a mistake here, you will be just wasting your time. Device drivers do not work interchangeably from each other, even if they are for a similar product, the same manufacturer or even just a different model number. Therefore, before you begin to look for a device driver to download, your first step should be to locate the right driver for the product you have. For example, locate the model number, manufacturer and other identification information for the video card device driver you need. It should also be selected based on the operating system you have.

Understanding Drivers

Device drivers are often called the brain that runs the show when it comes to hardware. Without device drivers, the hardware (or in some cases the software) is unable to work properly on your computer system. It is common to need to install drivers for many types of hardware, including hard drives, video cards, CD ROMs, printers and cameras, not to mention many other devices you may be hoping to use on your computer.

With this in mind, consider the following tips for installing drivers in your Windows 2000 system.